Sunday, February 15, 2009

Justin has been traveling in and out of town the last couple of months and unfortunately he had to be gone this year for Valentine's Day  I am not the type that makes a huge deal out of Valentine's Day, but I still managed to have the most adorable date!  He was kind of short, but had a smile I couldn't resist.
This year Jackson got to be my date.  I figured I better be his Valentine while I can, because in a few years I won't be nearly as cool as I am now!  We started our date downtown to go on a horse drawn carriage ride.  My mistake was I told Jackson about the horse the day before, not realizing it was going to be freezing the next day and he asked me about it ALL day long, so of course I had to take him.  Luckily there are still sweet people in this world.  This lady offered to hold our place in line while we waited for our turn in the BOK center.  We couldn't have waited without her so she definitely made Jackson's day, it was so nice.  While we waited in the BOK center we went and watched all of the ice skaters.  Jackson thought it was so funny whenever someone would fall down.  I don't know where he gets his humor =).  Here he is while we were waiting inside thanks again to that sweet lady.   
And here we are on our very fun, but very cold carriage ride.

I've always thought this would be such a romantic thing to do with Justin, but I found that being down wind from a horses rear is not so romantic, the smell was awful.  I had to hold my breath on and off for the entire 15 minute ride.  I am a germ freak so if I breathed through my nose I kept getting slapped in the face with the smell, but if I breathed through my mouth I couldn't handle the thought of what I was smelling going in my mouth so this was not so much fun for me.  Jackson on the other hand was in love with the horses and didn't seem to mind the smell.  After riding behind and smelling the behinds of the horses it was dinner time, but I can't say I had much of an appetite!  We went to Rancho Grande because we figured it wouldn't be too busy with Valentine people and ate our meal, mexican food is one of Jackson and my very favorites!  Afterwards we went to Braums and got some ice cream and went to Blockbuster so Jackson could get a movie to watch.  He chose All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 and Madagascar 2, he was all about the sequels.  He loved Madagascar and now keeps singing "I like to move it move it" it is the cutest thing!  All in all we had a great Valentine's Day!  

Friday, January 30, 2009

RSV and Jackson's Big Boy Bed

This is my first time to write on here and I'm excited!  

This week has been one of the craziest weeks ever.  Jackson has had RSV and 103 temperature.  We have had to do a nebulizer-?? every 4 hours.  This may not sound too bad, but trust me it has been terrible.  It has taken Justin completely restraining Jackson while I have had to put this creepy looking mask that is supposed to look like a fish on his face and try to hold it there for 10 minutes while he is screaming, kicking, and flailing his arms everywhere so he can hopefully breathe in some of the medicine.  We literally got a 10 minute workout everytime we went through this process, we were both sweating by the time we finished and Jackson would be so tired he would fall asleep afterwards.  I had never seen Jackson this sick, it was so sad.  Here is a picture of the creepy nebulizer, I do not blame him for not wanting to wear this thing, it is scary!  

On a better note, Jackson is feeling much better today and he has finally been able to enjoy his first big boy bed.  Jackson got a bunk bed this week, I always wanted a bunk bed when I was little and never got one, so of course Jackson could not have the same injustice done to him =)! We had to take the ladder off until he is older, but he is loving the bottom bunk for now.  Even though he is having so much fun, it has been kind of sad for me.  When we were taking his crib apart I kept thinking that he is not a little baby anymore.  It is just another reminder of how big he is getting and how fast time has gone by.  Here is a picture of Jackson and Jackson and CoCo playing in his bed, so cute!